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Dec 23, 2012 5:30am PST
approved. >> tim nine d is to request to enter into expwhreurve with barbecue of llc., the most-who issued for 2012 for a retail restaurant least and develop of the restaurant site. >> commissioners good afternoon i'll be brief i'm here asking your permission to engage in exclusive negotiations with the most qualified respondent to the rfp request for proposal for the operation and renovation site located at terry france soy and the qualified restaurant operators who had who would be able to operate the restaurant and renovate the restaurant and provide the highest return to the port of san francisco and in the rfp we set no monthly represent but instead proposed that the submittals included a proposed monthly rent. we did also annual adjustments we did require a minimum of seven% of all gross sales be included. the construction period in which no rent is paid, may be may have been plopsed the minimum least term would into the exceed 15 years however we were open to respondents proposing option extensions. the again the port's objective was to select the most qualified respo
Dec 23, 2012 10:30am PST
awesome bands and, of course, get our yearly dose of barbecue. south by southwest draws tens of thousands of people from all over the world to austin every spring to catch over 2,000 performers in more than 90 venues, making it one of the largest music festivals in the u.s. [ mid-tempo music continues ] although south by southwest has earned its fame as a music festival, it isn't all about music. the week before the music conference, there's a huge film festival, and south by southwest also has a growing interactive section. and though south by southwest showcases some of the hottest new bands, there's also a lot of music history on display in austin. >> resonator guitars were built in the late 1920s before electronic instruments. they've got a round tone inside of them that produces volume which was what was needed at the time to be able to compete with horns and other band instruments. they're really loud guitars. [ mid-tempo music plays ] >> hi, i'm john pickering of the picks, buddy holly's backup trio. one of the problems at the studio was that it was mono recordings, and if you made
Dec 22, 2012 7:00pm PST
people to make reservations at the barbecue pit or at that picnic table. these are three of hundreds of ideas that i have heard over the last few years. my guess is you in your heads have the solutions to them today. and mayor lee and i are looking forward with this legislation with all of you to figuring out how to make our city government the best 21st century city government that we have in the entire world. so, thank you for being here, and it is my pleasure to introduce our mayor's budget director kate howard who in addition to helping to balance multi-billion dollar budgets every year, she will tell you about our plans around our chief data officer. thank you so much for being here. (applause) >> good morning, everyone. i'm kate howard. i'm the mayor's budget director. i'm here to just to talk briefly about the really exciting opportunity that i think is going to be coming up in the city, which is announcement of our new chief data officer. some people may think that the budget office is mostly being countered, but really our office is focused on how do we make government more
Dec 23, 2012 9:00am EST
experimented with everything. we made this last night and added barbecue sauce. if the chicken's seasoned you don't have to worry about that. the main thing you do have to make sure you have is cream cheese. this has been softening up. i don't even normally like cream cheese, but it binds everything together in this recipe. and also, little bit of milk. rex, would you like to pour this? >> any variation of milk would work. >> and we use low fat cream cheesed. we served it to our family from louisiana last night. they didn't complain about the low fat. >> if you don't tell them it's no fat, they won't notice. >> rex, do you want to help me mix this up? we got two big spoons here. he's wonderful. there's lots of different variations. the idea is you mix it all together. then you start to stir in the mixture into the rectangles that you've made. >> mixing it up. placing it in there. how much goes in each rectangle. >> it makes a lot. you don't want to overfill because then it's going to ooze out. you start scooping some in there. good job, rex. i didn't soften the cream cheese as much as i shoul
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)